4-legged friends

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4-legged friends
On holiday with your 4-legged friend
Pets are welcome and admitted free to the pitches and housing, except for an area dedicated exclusively to people with allergies.

There are areas set aside on the campsite and also an area equipped for washing, where you can wash, dry and brush them.

You can enjoy your 4-legged friend even on the beach!
The campsite in fact has an agreement with a bathing establishment which accepts pets.

Small and medium size dogs are accepted. For prices see our Daily prices


The entry of pets is allowed at the discretion of the Management. Small and medium size dogs in limited numbers and other pets are generally allowed on the campsite, with a maximum of 2 pets per unit. Pets can have access to all the pitches and the housing units, except for a special area where access is forbidden to safeguard people with allergies.

All animals must be accompanied by vaccination documents and a copy of the health certificate.

No large dogs are allowed, or those belonging to the following breeds:
- American Bulldog
- Sheepdogs
- Estrela Mountain Dog
- Doberman
- Argentine Dogo
- Fila Brazileiro
- Neapolitan Mastiff
- Perro
- Pit Bull
- Rafeiro do Alentejo
- Rottweiler
- Tosa Inu

All dogs must be kept on a lead and wear a muzzle when on the campsite. Owners will be held responsible for any damage caused to third parties or to campsite facilities.

Guests are also reminded of some good rules of conduct:
- pets must be taken to the areas provided or outside the campsite for their physiological needs. Owners are required to collect the physiological needs of their pets and must ensure they do not disturb the other guests of the village;
- cats and other pets cannot be left free outside the pitches and housing units;
- for reasons of hygiene, it is not allowed to bring pets into the public areas (restaurant, pool, bar, etc.), inside the toilets or in the play area reserved for children only;
- it is not allowed to leave pets alone inside housing units;
- owners are required to ensure maximum compliance with the rules of health and hygiene during their pet’s stay in the housing units. Outside the campsite, dogs accompanied by the owner, or by other holders, are allowed access to all public areas and areas of public use including gardens and parks, with the obligation to use a lead and, if necessary, also a muzzle.

Access to beaches is allowed only to dogs, provided they have a muzzle and lead, as required by the Ordinance for the 2015 Bathing Season of the Municipality of Viareggio.
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